The Perfect Home Tool set for starting out with a new home or tools in Brewster, New York

The Perfect Home Tool set for starting out with a new home or tools
Price: $200
Type: Hobbies & Collectors, For Sale

Here is the best news to a new homeowner that needs a starter tool set!!
I am offering a Craftsman's three (3) draw tool box that is used but is in great condition, it was used in my RV so it has very light use, (I needed something bigger) but is does not stop there by any means.
I am including a 24 inch (2 foot) rigid steel pipe wrench in great condition
Two Concrete tools the first piece is a Float (the wooded piece) the second item is a large steel trowel that is great to spread or smooth your work
I have included 2 (two) Stanley wood planes both in great shape, one is the hand plane for doing edge or light work, the second is a large plane for doing bigger work, both knife edges are in great condition ( used only a couple of times)
A Black & Decker half pad (half sheet) hand sander still works and is in good condition
A Makita palm (1/4 sheet) sander that also in good condition and works fine, I do not have the dust bag any more as I had used it on my auto vac
A 6" (six inch) Craftsman Disc Sander/ Polisher also in good condition have used this only a few times to polish a car I use to own, works like new
A full size fine tooth hand (back) saw, this saw was given to me by my father-in law it is in great condition and works great, no chipped or missing teeth, handle is not broken cracked anywhere.
A framing square that has a long list of uses in working around a house and woodworking, as the picture shows it is in like new condition
I Concrete chisel that I have never used again even the striking edge does not show anywhere, so it is like new also
I have 2 (two) Sheetrock mud tools, 1 (one) is a 8 inch spreading tool (with the steel handle) and then the 2 (second) is a 10 inch spreading tool (with the wood handle) both in good condition
A long handle framing hammer that has a striking face that hardly shows any wear, the rust has been because it has been sitting around in my shed and not being used!
A craftsman BIT driver set, and the picture shows it is complete even with the stud finder, just put batteries in it and hunt away looking for studs, and all the bits will fit all types of Phillips, torx, and standard bit screws, and as the picture shows a couple of drill bits, so you will be set with this set.
A long light weight wood or as o used it a sheetrock blade, worked great for cutting out electric boxes and the such in any sheetrock and light wood work, not missing teeth, and the handle in complete.
A complete Tub/ Shower wrench set, this set has never been used and as the pictures show they are like new, so if you need to repair the seals in your shower unit you will be ready.
The Craftsman tree drawer tool box also comes with a couple of extras like a whole saw (look at picture) 3 power adapters (for changing from 30 amp RV to 15 amp RV camping plugs)
And then in the draws I have also included the rest of the tools I am selling with all these home tool set which include, A full set of Craftsman screwdriver ( and a couple of extras) they have a lifetime warranty so if you back them just return it to sears and get a new one (for free)
In the next drawer are some pliers a pair of water pump, two different lineman's, and which cannot be seen in the picture is a regular pair of pliers, so weather you are working on plumbing, electrical work or just need to grab something you will be covered, and also in this drawer is a extended grouping of standard and metric allen wrenches of all lengths, so again you will be cover for any size allen screw.
A last but not least is the third drawer which has an assortment of standard and metric sockets in all sizes and drives, you have ¼ drive sockets, 3/8 drive sockets and some ½ drive sockets, so for any basic home use you may run across you should be covered.
So why am I selling all this, well as I stated above I needed a larger tool box in my RV, then I am also selling a complete Auto tech tool set (look for the other items I am selling click link in ad for other items I am selling) but I am selling all the tools because of my health issues unable to use any longer, so my loss is your gain!. And all the items here are extras or not needed at all so I might as well give someone a break from having to purchase all the this Home Depot or Lowes, I will offer this hole set the Box, and all the tools I have listed above I would love to get somewhere around $200.00!!
Now here is the bad part for all you reading this (I WOULD LIKE TO NOT BREAK THIS UP, as it makes it harder to sell all the items) I do not want to spend my life doing this, I just want this great home starter kit to go to one person and one person ONLY. Sorry folks but I hope you understand we are all busy.

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