1977 Collector Plate She Walks in Brewster, New York

1977 Collector Plate She Walks
Price: $50
Type: Art & Antiques, For Sale

1977 Collector Plate She Walks In Beauty, inspired by Lord Byron's poem, was the first issue in the Romantic Poets Limited Edition Series of Collector Plates produced in 1977 for Incolay Studios. Sculpted in solid incolay stone by Gayle Bright Appleby. This heavy stone plate #31858 is a beautiful piece of sculpture
This item should be picked up as it is hard to ship (and expensive to ship) as it is fragile and heavy for it's size.
This is listed on eBay so like all other items listed here make an offer, the only thing i ask like most people is make the offer real!, so please contact me and lets see if we can do some business.
I have a number of other items listed on eBay as I am looking to lighten the load before I move (does not fit in RV) so please feel free to contact me ASAP about all items listed here.

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